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The bag width can be adjusted easily using an adjustment lever on the side panel.The height adjustment mechanism has grooves cut at l0mm intervals and allows easy changing of the bag poolstage.If the height falls below a 10mm interval a liner can be added to the pooI stage (in standard specification models).There is also a new lateral feed table allowing large or standing bags to be placed on their sides for filling.
This new lateral feed stage model differs from older types in that the method of feed can be easily adjusted to the characteristics of the bags and the number of bags loaded is greater.
Two types areavailable,model 2 and model 3.
Choose from tape,ink or ink-jet printer types.
Adjustment of the printer position is a simple Process.

Standing and other bags are fully opened by a mouth-Opening suction plate mounted Underneath,assisted by air blown through an upper throat.The opening of the bag is detected by sensing the pressure at the suction Plate to confirm the width of the opening

The feeding system unit operates by switching Cylinders,Pistons and valves to attain a high degree of voiumetric precision.The standard feeder unit is the SUS304 which is coated with Teflon around the switching vaive as a measure against thermal expansion superior to that of the SUS.The nozzle is equipped with a patented cutter which gives excellent drip prevention for liquids and can also cut fibrous materials.We have a wide range of cutters and
valves available to meet your requirements.Ask us about the SUS316 which is a significant upgrade on past models
The automatic solid feeder range comprises Model One which fills weighing cups by gravity- feed and Model Two which fill cups Centrifugally.Model two,which is currently our main line,is particularly effective for sticky materials which do not sink easily into the cup.
Combined with the patented weigher conveyor accessory for the automatic solid feeder it is extraordinarily convenient to use.It can of course be incorporated into a production line so Ptease consult us on any necessary combinations with automatic weighers and weight checkers.
The prlmary heater press incorporates a bag presser to expel air from inside bags.
The method of applying the heater press as the air is expelled is remarkabty effective.
The heater press is applied a second time and then the final finish is provided by a heaterless press to guarantee seal strength.Seals produced by this process are solidly reliable・

The control panel has been designed to be small but easy to use and read,with a compact display and a minimum of buttons.It has been upgraded with the inclusion of a full range of alarm indicators for each connected device.